Lead not follow! #TOW — Become an example for others!

We’ve all in a way been “touched” by certain people who influenced our development, a way of thinking and working, and have contributed to our improvement.

  • Self-confidence A good mentor is someone who is always positive, calm and certain of him/herself. No one wants to be surrounded by negative people or people who may make you feel that way. We all look up to people who are happy because of what they’ve achieved in their life and career, and they keep on aiming toward greater success and higher goals. Has self-confidence about the things you’re great at, others will recognize you for sure.
  • UniquenessMentors are specific and unique for certain things which others see as examples. Some people may sometimes mock this characteristic, belief or behavior, but exemplary people are loyal and true to themselves. That’s why you should never pretend to be something you’re not and you should never act only in order to please others.
  • Open communication — Good communication means listening and talking. In order to get to know people better and be an example to them, you need to communicate openly. In this way they’ll learn from you more, they’ll have confidence in you and they’ll look up to you in the future about other things.
  • Respect Being empathetic is a key characteristic of mentorship. You should always give motivation, show gratitude, reward those who see you as a mentor; because this is how you’ll show people that you care about them, you see the progress that they are making and the effort that they are putting in.
  • Be competent/skilledMentors are not just “teachers”. They are constantly learning, challenging themselves in order to get out of their comfort zones. That’s why you should try to have as many interests as possible, because this is how you’ll be an example of progress and also, you yourselves will learn more things in order to be more successful.
  • AdvicePeople who are examples to others would like to give us advice, because we look up to them. We like to hear about how they acted in certain situations and/or how they are thinking. We’ll certainly use their advice. So, try to give advice to people when it’s needed. Just be careful not to overdo it, don’t come off as if you know everything.
  • Patience — This characteristic is crucial in the process of learning and mentorship. You should accept people for who they are and be patient while they’re walking down their path. Sometimes you may need to give them a hand and other times you may need to acknowledge what they’ve done.

I wish you success with your changes!



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