Managing ourselves and our time! #TOW- How to say NO?!

Have you ever felt that 24 hours a day just isn’t enough for you? We often say that we’re just a couple of hours short because we simply have no time left to finish all the obligations on time, no matter if they’re personal or professional.

  • 0 technique: if you continually feel that way, it means that you’re in a vicious circle. Firstly, you have to realize that in order to get out of it, a radical change must happen. It means that you won’t feel nice during the process. Sometimes you’ll have to give up something you really like or something you’re emotionally attached to.
  • 1 technique: learn to say NO — a fantastic way of practicing how to say NO is to do what Steffi did. For a whole day she said NO to everything. This way you’ll miss out on a lot of great opportunities, but at least you’ll practice the feeling of getting rid of something you like.
  • 2 technique: priority — you have to say no to something. List all the projects (activities) and highlight the most important of them. For the ones you’re hesitating, examine how much has each of them contributed to the realization of your short-term and then long-term goals.
  • 3 technique: respecting your own time — if we ourselves don’t respect our time, we can’t expect to respect the time of others or that others will respect our time. When hesitating whether to accept something or not, think — would you be doing something which at that moment is more useful to you personally.
  • 4 technique: respecting your own budget — if you’re doing things that aren’t profitable to you and at the same time you aren’t able to focus on the ones which are, think before saying YES. Do I need money right now and will the YES activity bring me money?!
  • 5 technique: pressurizing — if someone is pressuring you, don’t be afraid to say NO (if you’ve decided that it’s better for you that way). Because if they’re rude enough not to respect your time and priorities, you should respond appropriately and stick to your NO.

Success in life, Success in change!



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