TOW#533 — Black sheep

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“Were she alive today, Sylvia Plath would be on anti-depressants. Salvador Dali would be on anti-psychotics. Beethoven would be on lithium, and Newton would likely be committed as well as heavily drugged for his multiple, pervasive mental illness symptoms. And don’t even get me started on Jesus Christ.”

This is just one part from a text that essentially referred to the fact that today, instead of celebrating and supporting some of the more advanced minds on planet Earth, we’re suppressing and killing them. Everything that’s worthy, every beautiful flower, instead of using it and letting it grow, we cut it out and destroy it.

I often hear, from people around me, that someone is weird, that they aren’t ‘normal’, that they’re wrong, just because they’re out of the ordinary, i.e. different. Everything that’s different and doesn’t fit into our concept of thinking is automatically and immediately regarded as not good and is served up for public ridicule. Remember the story of the ugly duckling!? At first everyone teased it, made fun of it and ran away from it, but when it grew up it became a beautiful swan. So in the end, everyone was laughing at it for being ‘ugly’ because it was different from the others.

Now, the question is why do we humans act like this towards others? This is a serious topic for conversation and philosophising. A lot of psychology, sociology, social settings, systems, and so on — it’s all mixed up here. That’s why I’m not going to get into it. I’ll just point out that the biggest reason for not accepting others is because we don’t want to accept anything different. And, because of the EGO (since ours is the most righteous), we don’t even want to look at things from another perspective. When someone is different from the usual standard, we immediately label them and leave them outside of our circle.

We all have a ‘black sheep’ in our group of friends, or at work, or in the family, who’s less understood than the others. I’m not saying you have to support or accept their way of life and thinking, but just be open and try to understand, take a look from another perspective and accept them as they are. Maybe that’s the right path for them, and even if you don’t support them, at least don’t get in their way. And, when it comes to your job, it’s always good to have at least one ‘black sheep’ in your team. They’re the ones that’ll get you out of unusual situations at work and give you fresh ideas for developing the business.

Respect others, respect their opinions and accept differences.

Wishing you success with the changes to come,

Petar Lazarov

Member of the Team


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