TOW#534 — #WorkingFromHome

In the wake of the virus spreading to virtually all parts of the world, many companies, including ours, have implemented ways of working from home.

Working from home is a familiar concept, but when it’s supposed to be for an extended period, and is something we haven’t done before, we need proper preparation so that we can give our best in this new situation:

- Change of mindset — the first thing to do is to remember that from now on, you’ll be working from home. Be sure to also tell the people in your house that you’re at work, not on holiday at home.

- Working hours — your normal working hours stay the same when you #StayAtHome. Set aside time for tasks, time for breaks, and time for lunch. Simply put, the same routine you have at work applies to #WorkingFromHome. If you’re at home, it doesn’t mean that you can just postpone things because “well, I’m at home, I’ll do them when I want!”

- Clothing — I hope you don’t go to work in your pyjamas, so make sure it’s the same when you stay at home. Take off your pyjamas and dress as if you’re at work. The way you’re dressed affects your attitude towards work. Clothing affects both your mind and the environment that you’re working in. If you’re in pyjamas, it’s normal to want to lie down, relax a bit…

- Space — choose a part of the apartment, preferably an isolated room that will be your work space. Have the computer there, as well as all the things you need to do your job properly. Working from your bed is not being at work. The bed is for resting!

- Agenda — you must work to an agenda or to-do list. Create it alone or in collaboration with your superiors, team leaders or colleagues, but of course have daily, weekly, and monthly commitments that you need to complete, and set deadlines, naturally. If you work without deadlines, it’s very likely that things will get dragged out!

- Concentration — #WorkingFromHome requires a special kind of concentration. The simple fact that you’re at home means that any domestic noise ‘while you’re working’ will simply take away your attention. Reduce as much as possible the things that may distract you.

- Plan the day — because you’re at home, don’t plan domestic chores for the hours when you’re supposed to be working. If you really do need to do some things in the house, prioritise, so that when you have a break from work you can do something in the home. However, this means some small tasks or chores, not that you can go and refurbish your apartment while you’re working from home!

- Communication — be prepared that most of your communication will be written, then spoken, and you’ll be seeing very little of others. If you need to contact someone, try to make it the other way round. As in, use apps so you can see the other person. When it comes to written communication, before sending that email, check that it’s clear and understandable, so that the recipient will have no problem understanding the message.

Wishing you success with the changes to come,


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