TOW#558 — Do it immediately

Leaving things for later is a terrible idea and only leads to the accumulation of unfinished business. In addition, some research I’ve read suggests that procrastination can even affect overall health and happiness in the long run.

With this in mind, and I’m hoping you don’t want to adversely affect your own health and happiness, here’s some simple things you can start doing:

• Mistakes — if you don’t get things done, you won’t make mistakes, but you’ll only be accumulating unfinished business, and those with more experienced have always said that whoever works also makes mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make them, and remember that you almost always learn from mistakes and thus become more experienced;

• Break the vicious cycle — you know how it goes, by postponing things you only get more frustrated, and that leads to increased uncertainty that then leads to them being delayed further, which leads to increased frustration, etc, etc… Break the cycle and get that thing that you need to do, done;

• Momentum — many people postpone things because apparently it just wasn’t their day or they didn’t feel the right ‘momentum’ to get the job done. You know very well that (not) having momentum is just an excuse not to do something. As in, today I’m not in the mood to do that. Do it now! Don’t wait for momentum, create it yourself!;

• You’re not alone — we all know that it’s easier to postpone things, because most people are like that. Those who do things right away are a rarer breed, and sometimes seen as black sheep, that is, people give them weird looks. But, you know what, those who finish things immediately are always more successful and more appreciated than the others, plus you’re not alone — there are lots of us!

• Routine — everything becomes a routine, and procrastination’s no different. Change that routine, and from now on ensure you get into the habit of getting things done immediately. Do this and change your routine;

• Change — make the change in yourself first, then look for change in other people! Change is a beautiful thing!

Do it (whatever it is) today!

Do it (whatever it is) right away!

Do it (whatever it is) now!

Wishing you success with the changes to come,


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An interactive handbook for personal and professional development. Dedicated to CHANGE - in all its glory!

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An interactive handbook for personal and professional development. Dedicated to CHANGE - in all its glory!

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