TOW#564 — Virtual/On-line meetings

If in the past they seemed ridiculous and immediately rejected as a way to meet/rendezvous, nowadays they’re completely normal and even advisable.

However, herein lies the problem — we used to be against them and now, when it’s totally normal, I have the feeling that we treat them as something transient or that they don’t have the same value as face-to-face meetings.

But guys, this way of meeting will not only become more appropriate or necessary, but the sooner you get used to this way of holding meetings, the better it’ll be for you and everyone around you. In addition, this way allows us to save money.

So, the sooner we adjust to this way of meeting, the better it’ll be for all of us who take part in such meetings.

• Internet connection — before starting a meeting, it’s important to check your internet connection. It must be stable all the time, so if you’re unable to ensure this, then ask those around you to disconnect during your meeting or go somewhere where there’s (more) stable net;

• Microphone and camera — these are the two technical tools you’ll need most during your meeting. Check they’re working properly before starting;

• Computer — during such meetings you may need to share some documents from your computer with the others. Either clean up your desktop or put all the documents you think you’ll need during the meeting in one place;

• Clothing — you’re in a meeting. Even if you don’t use the camera very much, you must be dressed appropriately, since the participants may ask to see you. It could lead to a seriously embarrassing moment!;

• Background — since we’re using a camera, you must have a nice background. It should either be white or with a nice picture, but never with clothes hanging on hangers, or dirty walls (you won’t believe the stuff I’ve seen recently);

• Platform — you have to know the platform you’re using for the meeting. Do a bit of research before the meeting, so that everyone’s time isn’t wasted on you learning how to use the platform. Be one step ahead of the others;

• Surroundings — try to be in a room alone so that you won’t be disturbing anyone and nobody can disturb you. Also, close the door so that no one enters during the meeting.

Once you’ve sorted all this out, be careful about using the camera and microphone during the meeting. If necessary, have the camera on, but as we said before, everything should be prepared. Your microphone should be off, and turned on only when needed rather than all the time, so the others don’t have to listen to a child screaming in the background, you typing on the keyboard, drinking coffee…

The most important thing is to understand that you should prepare for these meetings just as you would for face-to-face ones, but you should also behave during them as if you were sitting around the same table!

Wishing you success with the changes to come,


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