TOW#605 — Setting goals

We all have goals in life — at work, with friends and in practically everything we do. However, what I’ve noticed lately is that we seem to be failing to set those goals properly.

It’s as if the fast pace of modern life has confused us when it comes to our expectations and others’ expectations of us, our knowledge and many other factors. I say this because the way set goals depends on which side we’re on. If it concerns ourselves, then we’re tender and gentle, but if we’re setting goals for others then we can sometimes be a bit cruel.

Still, what I want to elaborate a little on here is the setting of personal goals.

Define — what do you want to achieve? This is important because the goal is like a compass, a map of how to move and where you want to get to;

How will you achieve the goals — for this you need an action plan that will define the steps you will take to achieve the goal;

With whom — do you need a team, will it just be you, who’ll be involved and who’ll be in charge of what;

When — you must also have a specific time frame. You can’t do anything without this, because otherwise you won’t have a trigger to push you to achieve it. There has to be a deadline (I wrote about this in the last TOW);

Help — in addition to all of the above, you need to make as detailed a list as possible of the things you’ll need to achieve the goal. This is so you don’t ‘waste’ time during the realisation phase on finding or creating the things you need.

And finally:

• What goes for others, goes for you — I mentioned this at the top, and it’s only fair that you’re the same when setting goals both for others and for yourself! Naturally, with the same penalties and rewards for success or failure.

Try to be realistic when setting goals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t allow yourself to be unrealistic sometimes… in that way that only you know! ☺

Wishing you success with setting goals,


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