You guys know that we work on brand development and on promoting MK products both at home and abroad, and we’ve come to realise that a very important segment in the development of brands (individual, company, product or whatever it may be) is the support that each of us can give during that development!

For all those involved in the work and development, that support means many things, but I’d like to mention just a few:

- Encouragement for those who are building the brand to continue what they’re doing and not give up;

- Motivate people you know and don’t know to support that brand;

- Assist in spreading and/or positioning that brand in other outlets;

- At the very least, maintaining its quality (by quality we mean everything that’s involved in the development — from the product itself, to the quality of communication, service and everything else that follows), and/or improving it.

- Improving performance.

Well, it just so happens that at this very moment we’re building a brand with which we intend to showcase Macedonian and Mediterranean food on the world stage. We’ve already placed it on the US market, but we want it to start here at home and spread quality food throughout the world. Join us online: Insta & Facebook

Take a look at what we’ve done and what we plan to do on the links above, and if you think we’re on the right track then your support, but also the support of your friends, will mean a lot to us. Of course, if you have any remarks, we’re always open to making improvements!

We’re expecting you!

The Macedonia Export Team

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